Every child while growing up has at least a few loud and aggressive arguments with his/her father. These arguments are nothing but a desperate attempt at establishing a perspective or showing to the father his child has grown and in some over confident cases, an attempt to show how a child has out grown him. In my opinion, fathers enjoy these arguments hell of a lot. They like seeing their child make reasons, establish their perspective, stumble, make amends and finally stand for what they believe in. The whole process though is not smooth and definitely not a rosy one, finally helps a child and forces him/her to understand their own self, build their personality apart from building an over view and helps them to finally realize a few years down the line how tolerant and how wise fathers actually are.
If I look closely at my life, I have always considered my father to be a walking encyclopedia, someone who has all the answers, knows everything and has immense knowledge. But, in spite of knowing the truth, I made it a point in my growing up years to defy him in whatever way I could starting from refusing to take his help in Philosophy which was one of the subjects in my graduation and something my father teaches and people love to get an understanding of from . I wanted to prove that I could do that on my own and I did. At that time I thought I had achieved nothing less than a roaring victory by studying the subject on my own and doing well but in reality I had made my father smile and made him proud. Fathers have a very unique way of influencing their children. At least mine had. He annoyed me, made me frustrated, made me crazy but also pushed me hard into getting what I believed in and finally made me realize who I am.
A child’s relationship with the father goes through a number of stages. From being not so close to them, to being in awe of them, to finding a father’s perspectives and ideas nonsense, to finding those ideas not so bad and to finally befriending the father. Fathers play a more quiet role in our lives. They are fiercely protective but never make that obvious, they love it when their children make an argument and logically defeat them, they want to send their children out in the world but not without giving them the taste of what life really is, by giving them a bit of a hard time at home first and are constantly looking out for their children no matter what. A role that shapes us , defines who we are and helps us to stand for what we believe in and all that is done in a very discreet and subtle manner.
Though the graph of a father in terms of everyday chores, taking care and affection is quite dormant, but sudden and vigorous activity can be seen and a father can suddenly metamorphose into a super dad if any harm and threat is sensed in the child’s life. Being a girl I can vouch for every frame of the movie Father of The Bride being completely true. It must be difficult taking the responsibility of being a dad, of teaching an infant how to walk, knowing someday the little kid would walk and would not need the support of the father who makes it his business to be protective and it must be the hardest for a father to give that final shove to the child he once carried in his arms into the world and to stand back and watch how he/she fares in the big bad world that he had prepared them so well for.