Life is not about days or weeks or months or years. Its about moments. Small moments that define our path, that shape us, setting a chain of events into motion. Looking for days or periods of happiness or success often leaves us looking in all the wrong places.
There was a moment when we came into this world, a moment we first stood up without any support, a moment when it dawned life is not a roller coster ride, it takes a moment to realise one’s true calling and a lifetime of passionate hard work that follows. A moment of anger might leave scars on the loved ones while a moment of happiness might be big enough to forgive and forget some long kept grudges. A moment of realisation might liberate the soul of the invisible shackles and a moment may be enough to know one’s true worth.
Life is like a star studded sky. Each star representing a moment. A line drawn connecting such stars of moments that affect us the most map our life. A life well lived is not a huge big shiny star but a number of small stars that made us smile, left us with no regrets or guilt, one that had in some way helped another living being and given that being a moment to put up in their life’s sky.
Running behind someone or something robs us of the moments that lie awaiting our touch to come to life. We are the present, this moment is ours, this is our heart, our life, our journey. Our life is our own canvass. Lets paint it bright, paint it well, paint it happy with in-numerous twinkly stars.