“Oh she looks so pretty!!”
He admired, she blushed.

“People looking at my wife make me cringe”
She carefully noted the compliments,
Took a note of all his likes
Making it a point not to disappoint the man she loved.

“She looks gorgeous with her head covered!!”
Her cheeks turned pink, she did her best to be what he expected her to be.
A doll
Thats what he said she is,
His doll.

She got busy, adjusted and moulded
Created a world
His world.

Life went by
She raised their children
With his name

Turned a house into a home
Gave it all her love and care.

And then
One morning, he left.

“You are a nobody!! What have you done in life??”
He screamed before leaving.

She sat on the bed.
Shocked, infuriated, shaking with anger

Slowly she looked at herself in the mirror
She now agreed with what he had said.
All she saw was a doll
his doll.

She looked straight at her image
She looked hard.

With the cloth sliding down from her head,
She caught a glimpse of what she was
What she can be.

For the first time in decades, she stood straight
And smiled.