1. Aapke pati fauj mei hain.. Dar nahi lagta?

(Thanks for reminding especially when he is posted in the field and there is no telephone connectivity and he can call only once in 3days)

  1. Aise akele akele kaise reh lete ho?

(I don’t suppose we are conjoined. Ever heard of the term duty? The one he is on?)

  1. Achha field posting hai.. baby plan kar lo phir

(Am I a baby making machine that works only in the absence of my husband?)

  1. Peace mei hai and aapne unko join nahi kiya??

(Are we some lego pieces that have to be joined to make sense?)

  1. Miss karte ho?

(Are you crazy? Why would I miss my husband, someone I love? U must be kidding, right?)

  1. B.Ed kar lo.. Har station mei settle ho jaoge

(Oh yeah Einstein, anything else?)

  1. Aapke husband to bade strict honge na?

(Oh yes, how did you guess? He takes me for PT every morning at 5. Aapko nahi pata?)

  1. Ajeeb nahi lagta aapke ghar mei pehele koi aur reh raha tha?

(do u feel uncomfortable thinking dinosaurs most probably pooped where you are standing right now?)

  1. Sab free hota hai na?

(Ohh yes.. we save 70k a month.. great na ?)

  1. Aapke to kharche hote hi nahi honge

(Exactly.. now if the conversation is over, I have a private jet waiting for me. Ciao!)RDD