The significance of 8th MaRch Is something we all are aware of (I can almosT see the hint of a pompous grIn on some of the faces). But are we in the same way aware and interested about the significance of the date 19th November? Well, that’s International Men’s Day. (just FYI)

Being a female is beautiful and gorgeous. But, so is being a woodpecker or a peacock. We cannot act all high and pricey for being a specific gender of a particular specie. It’s time we moved on. Its time we celebrate not for being a female but for being a unique individual. For being us. Whatever we are, however we are, the thing that separates us from the rest of the world is the acute awareness of being, of existing.

Let’s drop the charade of being the “fairer sex”, of being the superior one or being the more compassionate one. Let’s begin to celebrate not for the gender but for the individuality. The titles that the world tends to give us inadvertently makes us, shapes us and moulds us. We are not special, we are not “the better ones”, we are not the “sophisticated” ones nor the “delicate” ones. A lot of us like to rough up the things, like to be reckless, like to live life like a long letting-your-hair-down weekend. Some of us like to live on an edge. By placing ourselves on the societal pedestal, we are invariably shaping ourselves according to the roles that we are expected to play.

We have fought hard to reach where we stand today and we fought for a reason. That is exactly why we should time and again remind ourselves that we are not better or worse in terms of men.We are in fact, equals. That is what feminism is all about, that is what we fought for and that is what we should always remember.

So, cheers to me, cheers to us, cheers to them and cheers to the world. We are an important part of the world and the world is an important part of us. We do not need any exemptions or any special treatments. We are able and we have the courage to make our own way, find our smile and make our own journey- the one we call life.We will love, we will hate, we will dance and we will sing because till the time we are and till the time we will be, till the time our mind is free; we will live. And being one of a kind is reason enough to celebrate each day of our life.