Almost everyday I see updates of people sharing pictures of men or boys allegedly caught eve teasing or misbehaving with females. The pictures are shared all over the internet like wild fire and often help to identify the culprit. This is excellent, a very positive side of the social network and a quick and efficient way to nail the culprits.

All is good unless we give it a serious thought. Are we the law? Is the social network the judge? What if someone decides to malign a man or take revenge and post such allegations online ? (Remember the Rohtak sisters?) Would the people sharing the post in a fit and a rage to punish the culprits ever think logically or verify the facts before branding the man as a criminal? If the post is a fake, would the victim (in this case the man) ever be able to prove his innocence on the social network? Can it be ever undone?

Probably not.

The examples of such fake reports and people delivering justice is ripe and fresh in our memories (the Nagaland lynching incident). How many of them actually tried to know the truth? No one. Because everyone was busy delivering “justice”.

Women have been subjected to a lot of insults and such incidents happen every day where a man or a group of men eve tease or insult females. The laws in our country are not that uptight either. Probably that being the reason as to why a lot of women turn to social network and its reach in getting hold of the perpetrator. This is hands down a major reason behind such posts and shares and why such posts get such huge attention. Also, a lot of us relate to them and want to change the way things progress in such cases. But that in my opinion, makes the situation even more dangerous. It shows how easy it is to use or misuse people’s emotions and how anyone can manipulate the social network into believing anything.

Our system is not that efficient but that doesn’t make us the authority to brand a person criminal without getting into the root of it all when the fact remains,very few of us would go into the details and try and follow up or verify the facts. And why we wont do it? Because the efforts required to get to the bottom of it all is far more than a click away and one has to be more than being a pseudo guardian of the justice-system for that.

Just a thought.