I often wondered as a kid why adults walked from point A to point B when they could run and reach much faster. 
I think i know now. Sometimes, once we leave the childhood behind, we leave our spirits there, trapped in a box of anxieties. 

  We worry about how we would look, what would people think of us, what would the world say if we behaved exactly like we wish to. 
So, we walk when we want to run, we stand under a roof while we are dying to go out and enjoy the rain, we smile when we want to laugh and we mistake controlling our spirit with being in control of our life.

We change ourselves, we tame our spirits and live for the people and the world who either don’t matter or simply don’t exist! 

Breaking free and being ourselves is the best gift we can give to ourselves. Because no matter what, we can never loose our own self. 

Pure, uninhibited happiness is an infectious and blissful way to live. Let us never forget that.