The spectrum of thoughts that passes by the human mind each day is nothing short of a miracle and the thoughts we choose to nurture is what becomes our life. Each day, several thoughts and numerous possibilities flow through our minds. Some enticing, some making us nervous, others simply restoring our faith in the calm that we urge for in life. 

Its always a fascinating possibility to know, really know, what people think of us as humans, as a creature, as a soul. 

Every person has a certain darkness in them. The part we choose to show and expose to the world becomes the shadow that stays forever with our name and the part that we choose to hide and protect, becomes a person whom we meet every now and then. Mostly at times of extreme happiness or immense grief. 

Come to think of it, there is probably not a single person in this world we unveil ourselves to completely. Many a times, we dont even unveil our own selves to us. 

Ultimately its not we who shape ourselves, it’s these small little nothings that help us paint a charade that becomes our mask. 

Its not everyday that you get to unveil a mask but when you do, it never fails to surprise.