Life is beautiful. Life is the best teacher we have ever had. Life is, well.. life !

Cute the crap guys. If I try and pen down my thoughts in the usual jargons and literary fashion, the friends for whom I am dedicating this series would flatly refuse to even read a line of it.

Yeah, friends. The ones who stand by you when you get good marks and smack your head telling you that you betrayed them. Friends, the ones who stand laughing when you trip and fall but also kick the life out of anyone else who tries laughing at you. Friends, who now don’t meet that often but stay forever connected. Friends, who do so many crazy things with you that you feel a lifetime can be spent in just laughing and remembering those instances. Friends, who grew up to be such amazing human beings( I would like to believe that)  and still show their crazy side when you meet them. Friends, who came from all different backgrounds, religions, beliefs but their common insanity kept them together. Simply, Friends.

This space, this “Batter Of Friendship” space would be a series. A series following the journey of a group of naïve girls who, by the stroke of luck got together and then somehow, stayed together.11813356_738426046268008_8509436466682072803_n

Cheers !