For the first one to be introduced, she commands major drum rolls, Punjabi songs in full blast and ….. butter chicken.

Oh yes ! The sardarni. The first memory of her goes back to the first day of the college. The inevitable patiala salwar, short kurti, dupatta and orange heel sandals. Yup ! you got that right. ORANGE SANDALS ! Like, who in the world wears them? Eeew ! the only thing in her unlike a sardarni was the short hair. But, a full fledged Panjabi kudi.

After a few sweet little nothings, two conclusions were reached. One, she addressed everyone with “aap” so one had to kind of elevate from the “tu” and sit on “tum” and two, she seemed to be a huge fattu. Umm at least all through the first 5 months of our friendship.

Three years fast forward and the same one would be calling everyone “tu” , addressing people in the most notorious manner, wearing t shirts with the captions like : “Oh god, if you can’t make me thin, please make my friends fat” ( So much so for the good wishes . huh. ) and would be the front runner in some of the most naughty and mischievous pranks our group ever played.

And oh yes. A very important detail. Our beloved Ram Payari. Sukhi was the proud owner of Ram Pyari , the dainty scooty that she had which somehow managed to accommodate 4 of us and ran at the glorious speed of 20km/hour and had the knack of failing us every single time we dressed well and stopped right in front of the boy’s college (and then we had to push it much to our embarrassment) or on the main road with no U- turns.  The best part was, Sukhi being the high and pricy one, NEVER dragged Ram Pyari herself and we, the lesser mortals did the laborious work while she took lift and reached straight the mechanic’s shop and waited for us, drinking a limca.


So guys, that’s our  Sukhi. Little patience for the rest of the gang !