A few days ago, while shopping in Shopper’s Stop, WTP, Jaipur, at the billing counter I could sense a commotion and on going closer, I found a lady giving a lecture to the poor chaps standing behind the counter who had no option but to listen to her crap or else they’d lose their job. The lecture somewhat went like this : Bharat mata ki jai. we are Indians, we need to revive our culture, we need to stop the violence (there were ram ram chants in between the sentences which I think gave this woman some thinking time to concoct the next sentence) and then, she surprisingly drew an analogy between serving the country, the brave soldiers and being a vegetarian and a non drinker.
Now, this cracked me up because anyone who has ever known a bunch of army guys knows majority of them eat and digest anything moving and walking on the surface of the earth. 
The lady kept going for about 10 minutes and then mumbling in a loud voice,to the relief of the guys behind the counter, made her exit. 
Another incident was, my mother, being the person that she is, went to a meat shop and asked while buying meat, what all they kept. He told us he keeps mutton, chicken, pork and then she asked if they kept beef. there was a few moments of uncomfortable silence and I for a brief second thought the butcher might throw the butchering knife at either her or me for even asking such a question. He said “no” and then kept going about his work. While handing over the packet, he said ” hindu hain hum, kshatriya”. I wanted to greet back by saying something similar but then I got confused because I have a jaat father and a bengali mom and decided I ll first figure out “hum kya hain” and then come back to him and for the time being, just smiled at him. 
Since when has being a Hindu become a synonym for being a vegetarian? since when has eating beef become being anti hindu or anti India? Since when eating halal or jhatka becomes the parameters for judging a person?
Those shouting at the top of their voices for beef ban and advocating the same probably would commit suicide when they come to know ancient hindus did consume beef. 
I have sensed a mob once, felt its pulse when I fought with a guy over the JNU issue. Its hostile and its unforgiving. The best part is, not a lot of people stand up and voice their opinions because the moment you do, it becomes a game of “us and they”. 
Where has the objectivity regarding issues gone? 
When the news of a rape comes in, is it necessary to say a “hindu” woman or a “dalit” woman or a “muslim” woman.. “A woman was raped” does this sentence not fill us with rage and dismay without shoving up the incident in one of the popular boxes? 
Beef, Modi, J&k, BJP, Congress, Vegetarianism : have we become so shallow that we fail to look at issues independently and forget the country that we live in is our own and by shallow knowledge and half truths, we are doing nothing but creating an army of fanatic idiots.