10 min of watching TV and a storm of biased and sexist ads make u fume and wonder why such things are even made. If the simple law of demand and supply works, how come most of our advertisements are so deep into gender bias and sexism. Do we as a society demand or appreciate or encourage such stands? 
Women it seems just need to wash the husband’s clothes, look 10 years younger than their age ( in my opinion, if the husband wants you to look 10 years younger baby, u dont change the cream. You just change the husband! ) and remove all hair from her body ( except from the head)so that she is desirable. 
Talking about body hair, its considered such an inhuman thing to have that it becomes almost criminal if a female doesn’t get waxed in time. Would a child know by looking at the mother’s hands that hair on her arms are a sign of being unkempt? Probably not. A child would judge a mother, a sister a grandmother for who they are and how they treat him/her. Wish we adults could do the same to each other. 

So many opinions on how a woman should be and none on the simple notion that a woman is a human and thats exactly how she’s supposed to be.