A movie like #Pink is a rarity in cinema. Its brilliance in the simplicity of the concept cant be described in words.

The movie breaks a stereotype in almost every scene.. some subtle, in your face and some so loud you’ll hear them even after you step out of the movie theater.

very well made movie, thought provoking to say the least and very sensitive. Its actually sad that we need movies like these to make people understand that NO means NO.

As for the actors, Amitabh Bachchan is a magician on screen. The audience reciprocates to everything that he does on screen. He talks and the audience listens, he cries and the audience cries, he laughs and the audience laugh, he remains silent and the audience listens to the unspoken words, he looks in some direction and the audience bend in that as if they could see. Tapsee Pannu needs a little more skill of the craft. Kirti KUlhari and Andrea looked seasoned and left an impression.

The sign of a good actor playing a negative role is, the audience would hate the character to the core and feel the impulse to rip the guy apart. Piyush Mishra does more than justice to the sleazy lawyer that he plays and compels the audience to look into their vocabulary of cuss words and dedicate a few to him in the course of the movie.

A good watch, a must watch and something that to which each and every girl (i can talk about the girls) would relate to.

I can personally relate to it through this incident. I was in college first year. Along with two other friends i was eating ice cream at a nearby ice cream parlor. Some guys on a motor bike came and started saying obscene things and then started following us. There was a police station right next to the ice cream place so, we three armed with our ice creams, went into the police station. The moment we stepped inside, on looking back I could see the guys speeding away like lunatics. Nevertheless, we narrated the whole thing to the person in charge there. And then , the person sitting there in uniform told us to wear full sleeved clothes and salwar kameez so that we are safe. Needless to say, our confidence melted quicker than our ice creams and we came back trying to figure out what just happened.

Almost every girl in our society has had a “pink” moment. And its time we addressed this issue.