So many views of the recent demonetization in India with such radically opposite takes.
Watch Zee news and it seems like the whole of India is singing the national anthem and standing in long queues with a smiling face and a zealous heart to do something for the nation. 
Watch Aaj Tak and it seems like the country is on the brink of a financial crisis and mass panic. Time to hoard ration and wait for the apocalypse. 
Watch NDTV and somewhat balanced reporting is seen. 
Personal experience : Stood in a queue for money deposit for about 35 minutes and got the work done. Went to a petrol pump and said I didnt have any cash on me and the guy simply asked me to pay the next day and leave my name and number and id proof there. 

ATMs are still unapproachable. Looking at those lines, I am not even attempting to go there before December. 
My views: this step cannot in any way curb the entire black money that is in circulation. The government’s step and the timing of the same needs to be looked at with speculation. There is a HUGE mismanagement and discomfort among the people. I as a person and individual can afford to go cashless to places and pay with my cards but the majority of the people around cannot do that and their convenience has not been catered to. Any step that is taken in the national interest should be supported by the public and the public support comes only when the public feels they have been thought of. Read a few articles on the previous demonetization steps by the government and the conclusions were not positive. For this step, time would tell. if it worked, how ever small or big the difference it made, very good (like the sudden stopping of stone pelting in Kashmir and the functioning of the casinos in Nepal suddenly coming to a halt)If it didnt, then apart from the discomfort that the masses are feeling, a lot of other things too weren’t thought through. 
(That being said, the new INR 2000 currency seems to be just out of the games we used to play as kids. There are also some printing mistakes. Why the hurry? if it was a well thought of step, why wasnt everything thought through? And who in their right frame of mind gets Swachh Bharat printed on the currency!!)
P.S. Its amusing to see how every other action is being compared to the soldiers standing on the border. Comparing the queues to the soldiers standing in Siachen at minus 50 and then ridiculing the complaints of people is a foolish analogy to make. Each and every sector of the country works for the national interest. The soldier wont have a country to protect if there are no civilian sectors. the economy doesnt work on its own, it needs all the sectors working together, each doing what its best at doing. To praise the work and efforts of a particular sector, the others needn’t be insulted or ridiculed.