Conversations are the second best way of increasing one’s horizons, views , ideas and knowledge, all achieved without moving anywhere physically because the only thing that works in a conversation is, your mind. The first best? Well.. obviously! Books !!! 
Even if the conversation one has is fake or pointless or gives no new sane views, its still useful since it at least said something about the person you engaged in the conversation with, said about how different people think, believe and live thus strengthening your own ideas, beliefs, alignments.  
While in a deep conversation recently on a work trip to Delhi, someone said something that stuck to me. The person, after listening to me, after about 1 hour of knowing about me, simply said : you need to choose your battles wisely. 
The moment i heard this, something somewhere moved in me. Something triggered and it seemed like a lot simply started making sense now. 
While at another work set up, someone quoted a writer saying : we hardly ever think these days. If we think for even 10 minutes in a day, life would be very different. 
Both these seemingly simple statements came into my life and made me as a person to rethink about my life, how i plan to shape it and the way i intend to live it. 
The first statement when combined with the second, made my life miraculously simple, less exhaustive and so much better. 
We often carry the baggage of so many misplaced emotions, so many mixed feelings, so many confusions and so many expectations without even thinking about them, without even realising the purpose of those emotions, without thinking through what and how exactly would they affect us. 
With busy lives, busier minds and work pressures, we often lose track of how simple life could be, how simplicity could be beautiful. 
No life is perfect. No situation is perfect. No one is perfect. And maybe its in these little imperfections, these little surprises, these little dismays, anger, smiles, laughters, tears, you realise it’s important to be at least be able to appreciate the lessons life throws at you. 
Thinking things through, knowing your own self would not make u cry less or laugh more or make you happier but it would simply give you the satisfaction that whatever it is, you own your tears, smiles and laughter. Choosing the battles would not make you any less of a fighter, it would just give you the strength and the satisfaction of knowing you fought for the things that mattered. 
One doesn’t need to keep an account of the smiles or the tears that life throws at you. No checks and balances are needed to state whether life has been fair and just. One just needs to be able to know that each and every smile, each and every drop of tear has been owned and well deserved. 
Cheers !