Coming back from an official tour, i called up my mom from Bangalore airport telling her i’d take an Ola and get home when i reach Jaipur. Before i could finish my sentence, my mother ( who is a bong) jumped the gun, screamed and said she is sending a taxi(the one we always hire) and i would not come home by Ola. I tried to argue and told her that it wouldn’t be late and by 8.45 i would be home to which I got some more sound effects and I thought it would be better for me and her throat that i agreed without any further ado. 
Gently, 5 minutes into the conversation, i asked her whats wrong. She said there has been a rape case in Jaipur, a girl gang raped and thrown on the road and all this happened when the girl wanted to take a ride back home from the railway station ( not Ola but public transportation nonetheless). 
Hearing this i knew my Ola and Uber days are probably over completely and if not, at least over for a couple of months now. 
I came home with our trusted taxi guy, said thank you, mom paid him (perks of her calling in the taxi) settled in and slept off. 
Next day i tracked the rape case on online news forums like HT and TOI. Seems the case was a fake one. The girl plotted along with her boyfriend to blackmail a man with whom she had consensual sex. 
When we talk about rape cases, so many fake cases make the headlines. So many guys get wrongfully implicated, so many times the police gives their 100% , looks for leads to give justice to the girl and finally uncover the truth of it all being fake. 
Rape cases have become it seems just like dowry cases, a weapon for women and now a days too many are misusing it. Our laws are bent. They side with women more because women did face a lot of cruelty , molestation and injustice. 
Cut to the present day reality, women have not only become empowered but have also become street smart and now misuse the laws initially made to protect them. 
Every now and then we read in the newspapers something like a woman filed a case against a man because he raped her for 3 years. How he raped ? well, he promised to get married to her but didn’t so magically the consensual sex turns into barbaric rape. (Brain turns into mashed potato) 

Remember that one time when two sisters making videos of bashing up guys that supposedly “eve teased” them or the one time when a woman made a video of a man at a traffic signal poting it online as proof of his abusive behaviour ? Or a woman filing a rape case on the guy she was living in because they broke up?  These are just a few cases that happened fairly recently. 

I generally have a hard time finding any logic in such cases. Before filing for the rape case, doesn’t the woman herself think at least once what is the meaning of rape? Doesnt she think its because of women like her that a lot of actual rape victims have a tough time proving the atrocities committed against them? 
I feel such cases should be made public and the identities of the people involved should be made known. 
Our blood boils when we hear of a rape being committed but somehow the majority of our feminism gets limited to ONLY till the time we are fighting for a woman. To my understanding, feminism means equality, it means no sex should suffer because of the other sex. 
We should be more vocal about the women who make a mockery out of the justice system, just like we bash the men up for being sexist or MCP we should also make sure the anger that we feel at the time of reading a rape case is just as much as the anger that comes to us when we know the laws have been misused and manipulated. 
I have written this before too and strongly believe that its not the gender that makes the man take advantage of a situation or a person. Its the power. Give it to a man or give it to woman. Both are capable of doing some really twisted things. 
Lets speak for the men too. For just like men, not all women are saints !