UP election results and the naming of the CM if not anything else, would make helluva political thriller movie. 
The landslide victory of BJP in the state after almost 1.5 decades signifies what? 

An obvious answer is, people were fed up with the government that was ruling and ruled and had enough of their lies and false promises. Also, the indian voter probably looked beyond the religious angle, considering a substantial number of muslims too voted for BJP and voted not for their religion but for a change that the region desperately needs. 
That being said, with Yogi getting the CM seat, the current government has unabashedly and unapologetically declared in as many words about their leaning, their preferences and their beliefs. 

Their message is loud and clear. 

Thats what we are. Thats how we will work. Have a problem? Either build yourself up or stfu. 
What it means for us? 

Again, saying modi is a sanghi and shouting that from the roof top would not bring any changes. Saying the hindutva agenda is what they are spreading is rhetorical and very clear. So, what needs to be done? 
Just for a moment, lets just forget about the religious and right wing or leftist politics. Who in the current indian political scenario can be called a leader? Rahul? Kejriwal? Who is there? 
For the majority of the people, who have a hard time getting a roof over their heads and food on their plates, who seems to be the man who might, hopefully change their lives? Who else had given such a strong message , be it left or right, morally right or wrong, in the past few decades?
Modi did a phenomenal job of building himself up as a leader with a voice. 
The left sadly did a miserable job of equating everything that walks or crawls on the surface of this country to modi and turned the love people have for their own country into something that deserves nothing but guilt. This precisely backfired and a lot of people who had enough of political correctness and the strong appeasement that left continued, started siding with BJP.
India is a Hindu majority country. BJP right now is extreme right with a clear hindutva agenda which they are neither ashamed nor apologetic about. Being such hardliners and extreme right wing, they got such massive victory in 2014 and again recently in UP elections which were considered crucial for Indian politics. Why? Are majority of us muslim haters? Are the majority of us sanghis? Are the majority of us in love with RSS? 
I dont think so. I think what majority of the country wanted was, a change. 
They did vote for the saffron colour and the hindutva agenda. They also voted for what they thought after a very long time, would bring a change. BJP happened to crack that desperation, that pulse that people had about having a strong government and build their image, campaign and Modi, all tailer made to counter the desperation of the majority of the country. 
Again, equating everything that’s good in this country to Modi and trashing it would not do anything to counter the situation. 
Opposition needs to refresh their approach, build a leader that had a voice, an opinion, is not afraid of having strong leanings and is not always politically correct. 
Its time. The current government used their brains and understood the raw emotions of the country that were present in undertones and consolidated them. 
To counter them, the only thing that would work would be, finally building a leader. A person that would again give the people of this country an option. As i said before , a leader with a voice.