How to deal with life in two simple ways:
Are you kidding me? You seriously thought you can deal with whatever crap happens in your life in just two easy steps? This is not about the lousy movie that you saw or the friend you fought with. Here, we are talking about life. And there is no way life lets you get away with a few baby cuts and bruises. Life would throw some serious scars at you, some laugh lines and some memories that can never be erased.

Would you exchange your scars for the laugh lines? If you ask me, I won’t. I like my scars. They remind me of the fool I have been, they remind me of the pain I have gone through and they also remind me how every time I came out nothing but stronger and shinier.
I love my laugh lines too. They remind me to cherish and value the people who gave them to me. They remind me that I am loved and they remind me that life is, in fact, not only beautiful, it’s gorgeous.
There is no set formula to deal with life. There is just you. You smile, and you would be happy. You cry and you would be sad. There is no one else responsible for your happiness. When we say life is tough, we actually mean either we made some choices that we shouldn’t have, or we placed faith where it wasn’t required. In either case, its again you, yourself. Yes, there are situations where you feel helpless, there are times when you feel the pain and the agony and the hurt and there are times when you feel too angry to even think clearly. But, then again, believing in your own self and to keep moving forward is the only way to face the odds.
Also, believing in dreams, people and life should never cease. One mistake, one wrong judgment, one betrayal can never define a person. If anyone lets these define their life, the battle is lost there and then.
Each reality check, each set back, each incident that rattles you from within can either break you or make you. You can either lie sprawled on your couch sulking away in the glory of pop corn and tv or you can get up, get dressed and face the world.
Life is beautiful. No, in fact, it is amazing.