Our existence on this earth is nothing less than a miracle. Our survival here is the culmination of a series of non fatal incidents.  We, tiny beings on this planet, suspended in this infinite universe, in one of the many galaxies, have the audacity to be arrogant, to behave and act as if we own the earth, as if the nature bows to us, as if we are the creators.
The truth being, we create nothing, we are just a bunch of over confident, egoistic, supercilious beings.

We pride ourselves on being the inventors, the discoverers, the makers. We forget, we are allowed to create here for as long as our creations do not enrage the nature, do not cause the equilibrium to flip. We forget we are so tiny and so minuscule that one angry stare of the nature would be enough to wipe us all out. 

For us, there is no forever.