Incidents, events and actions dont directly shape a person. What shapes a person is, the memory of that incident, the memory of that action and the memory of that event. That one particular memory, that stays. 
Often, it might be a simple tiny thing like a “hello” but the way it makes us feel is the memory we form of that “hello” and the person who said it. 

Life is a long journey. So many things happen, people happen, heartbreaks happen, success happens but we tend to remember and embed only those that made us feel, made us feel anything, like happiness, calm, peace, tranquility, anger, hurt, humiliation, betrayal. A culmination of these feelings make us. 
contrary to however impressive an entry a person makes, its the exit that shows the true colours of one’s personality, showing the steel and the grit of the person who just walked away, leaving behind that thought, leaving us feeling a certain way. Because that feeling stays. For good or bad, for better or for worse depends on the experience but, the feeling of it stays. Reshaping us, making us.