A few days back, I got a bit concerned by the dependency I had developed on my cell phone. While browsing through some pictures, especially the family ones, i found myself either keeping the phone in hand like i am in the middle of something or the phone was stuck to my ear because obviously , i was in the middle of an “important ” conversation. 
I have a weird character trait. The thing that scares me the most, or makes me uncomfortable, or i am dependent on, i tend to eliminate that cause directly without any slow-beginnings as you might call it, and get it over and done with. Like i was afraid of heights so, i Skydived. Poof! The fear was gone. I take extreme steps and somehow, that makes me stronger. 
A few things happened that made me question my dependency on my phone and then started a phase of introspection. 
I realised some simple things. I needed my phone for two main things basically. One, for work and that would include emails, taking down meeting notes and updating the social network sites that i am responsible for. Two, I needed my phone so that i am connected to the people who want to be connected to me. 
With whatsapp and telegram and other messengers that give time stamps, profile pictures, status updates, intimate when the msgs were read etc etc, somehow, what i missed was the good old text messaging. The surprise and the smile that comes when a loved one messages. 
After my small attempts at the detox, the calls have become more as compared to the “whatsapp conversations ” and actual conversations have started which were missing majorly. 
Initially, i had some hilarious reactions from my friends. Like that childhood friend who was convinced i am dead or being hunted because i was suddenly off whatsapp or that friend of mine who unabashedly called and then kept calling to make sure I wasn’t planning something big and she was not a part of it. 
Relationships need time. Relationships need efforts. There is no easy way to maintain a relationship. There are no shortcuts to emotions. What i am loving about this step of mine of deliberately keeping the messaging apps at bay is, the people who need me, love me, want me, want to have conversations with me and want to be a part of my world would find me and talk to me no matter what. They dont bother about the last seen or status updates or me being online. They want me and so, they find me. And the same goes for me as well. 
Life these days is a two sided coin. The one that is for the world to see and the one that we actually live in. As for me, probably i am done with the world and want to just concentrate on what is real and not ponder on whats fake. 
Amids all this, i also got some Me time. I got time to think, i got time to take care of myself, i got time to form a schedule and start doing all the things that i had been planning for so long. I started sleeping on time, waking up on time, taking care of my skin, hair, making me realise how i need myself too. I now get so much time for my passion that is, writing and soon would start a few more things which would be life altering. Like that everyday dose of dance or that yoga schedule for which somehow I never got any “time”. 
In this hustle bustle of the world, full of people we are not even sure of if we know them or not but are a part of our social network and life too, with privacy hardly a thing now, its good to finally be able to creat a space which has the people who matter, which gives me my Me time and which gives me time to think, plan and simply find my happiness. 
There’s something romantic about being old school. And its probably this love that I discovered that is at its classic best.