Only my mother could make me get up early on a Sunday and force me to go for a movie at 10. So, this Sunday, grumpy AF and groggy headed because of the Saturday late night, we made our way in the sweltering heat of Jaipur to watch Naam Shabana. 
If you ask me from a content point of view, the movie doesn’t have much content to boast about. What it does have is, action, thrill and a surprise ( unlike most Indian movies) that doesn’t let you get bored in the hall. 
One of the things i liked about the movie was, it is a female centric movie, banking on not a big star like Priyanka Chopra or Vidya Balan and still managing to make its way into main stream cinema and get a decent amount of audience (even in the morning show!) 
A friend of mine had asked me to watch Baby first since it is Naam Shabana’s prequel. So, watching Baby a day earlier made it easier to relate to Naam Shabana but at the same time not having watched the movie wont make much of a difference either. 
The acting by the actors in the movie needs no praise since they are all well established, accomplished, intense actors. Tapsee did a good job of portraying the role of a normal girl next door with a fire inside. Akshay had a cameo but as usual, made his presence felt. Loved Anupam Kher as the poor Shukla ji always in a soup because of the “tarzan”, as he calls Akshay. Manoj Bajpayee is a fabulous actor and wish had more screen time. Prithviraj Sukumaran did come as a surprise and rocked as a hot, ruthless villain and carried the role with an elan and poise that made every shade of negative look sexier and hotter. 

The story was predictable yet kept the audience hooked. A decent watch and a good attempt at making thriller and action movies a part of decent mainstream cinema again. The thrill part though needed more work because to someone like me who feeds on The Blacklist, Criminal Minds, Dexter and How to Get Away With Murder, the plot seemed somewhat kiddish at times and had some loopholes at places. No useless songs, no sexism, no double meaning jokes. 

A definite one time watch with no regrets.