A little delay in continuing the series, so, major apologies! Actually between the last intro and this one, life happened. Nonetheless, back on track and here I am, with the latest intro: 
What do you call a person who shouts and warns you that you are about to step on shit, stands there patiently when you dont listen to her and then helps you wipe that shit clean while saying in an irritating voice “i told you so!” 
The answer my friends is, you call her Nali! Like short form of Sonali. But Nali suits her more. Not that she is a nali which in Hindi means drain, but because Nali kind of seems more apt (maybe because she is not a fan of bathing which again makes her an actual Nali  😉 
Unlike Sukhi, I dont have any distinct memory of meeting Nali for the firs time in college. We didnt have any classes in common, didnt have the same department and had different college timings as well. I remember her from the time when we formed a dance group in college and we all came together. While practicing, she’d often scream(which she thinks is a normal pitch to talk on) when some of us forgot the steps and irritate everyone. 
I clearly remember that one dance performance where she in an arrogant voice told us that she’d be doing her own make up and then feeling like a beauty queen came in front of us after getting ready, some 15 minutes before we had to go on stage. People, THAT make up was a work of art. Like modern art. Where everything is left to imagination with absolutely no beauty and the lines, colours are so abrupt and haphazard that it would put an ink soaked ant crawling on paper to shame. To our horror, we had to quickly make her wash her face and apply fresh, normal, human makeup and then rush to stage as our names got called out. 
Nali as a rule, always has some tricks up her sleeves. Like once when we fought before another dance performance over who would carry that hot gun ( we were dancing on Don’s title track) and she in a matured way reassured me that since there is only one gun available in that model, neither of us would be using it. Me being the stupid ass that i am, believed her. So, when the music began and we started making our entry, she winked at me, smiled, pulled up her top, showed me the gun over which we fought, passed me a flying kiss and made her entry while i was fuming and made my entry full of anger. But, i got my revenge. The video of the performance which was shot by a classmate of ours focussed on nali’s bums so much that she looked liked Rambha’s sister. Also, i have shown that video to anyone who would care to watch it. Thats Karma baby! 
And oh, Nali had an Activa. Which she thought is a flying saucer and drove at a speed that would make the cars around look hazy and before you could focus on the car in front of you, she would have overtaken it. I am personally shit scared of rash driving but some faith I had in this devil that i never shied away from sitting behind her (though with eyes shut tightly). Also, I knew if I complained, she would stop her aeroplane in the middle of the road and ask me to walk the rest of the way. Oh by the way, she had acfually done that. Thankfully not to me. To Ghodi. Not the horse ghodi but our frn ghodi. Her intro would be there soon. But, the fact is, Nali was ruthless, fun, insulted everyone, had her heart at the right place and ate a lot. Food being the common denominator of our group. More stories on that one soon. 
Anyway, she sure lived like a boss. 
Watch this space for more intros!