As I was growing up, Reader’s Digest was a magazine that was my constant companion. It had so many good articles, facts and some very good jokes. One of my favourite sections apart from the last article about a true story used to be: laughter is the best medicine. 

As a child and till college, I used to search for that section and have a good time reading it before sleeping or in the morning while taking a dump. 

As life happened I slowly realised that humour was indeed, the best medicine. Nothing gives more power and strength than to laugh at one’s own self. It not only lifts a person up but also gives the strength to own up the mistakes, learn the lessons and move on. 

Being all grudgy and grumpy does no good to anyone. Especially for the person being those things. Being humorous suddenly takes the load off and somehow paints the world a little bit brighter.

Life, is as we take it, as we see it, as we understand it. And humour indeed, is the best medicine for an ailing self. Smile, laugh, giggle and brush it off. There is nothing more power and magnificent than the self. Nurture it with the best available medicine. Humour!