For some people, most of the things they say or do or commit in life are situational. They feel a certain way and at the spur of the moment, try and make that feeling a verbal permanence in life. Sometimes, a few years down the line, a few weeks or even few hours later, they realise that permanence was probably not what they actually wanted. 
Like after a night full of boozing, often when the head is spinning with splitting headache, we say or declare that we would NEVER touch alcohol again. This “never” gets quickly forgotten after the headache vanished and then it is time for another party. Similarly, someone saying how they would “never” do certain things and make promises with lots of “forevers” and “always” can sometimes be as irrelevant as the fly sitting on my wall. Actually, promises break, people change and NEVER turns into a memory. A memory of an incident, a memory of a person or a memory of a memory. 
There are very few actual “nevers” in life. There are also very few “Always” in life too. To me, its my family, or that friend who would not say it anytime in the lifetime but i know would be there for me ALWAYS , like that relationship I know is there for keeps, standing right beside me, silently guarding and being there, FOREVER. 
It is important to cherish, respect and love these Nevers and Forevers and Always in life. The memories and the smiles that we collect are because of them, not because of those who never understood their meaning.