Discovering self 
One of the most beautiful and magnificent things in life is to fully understand, accept and befriend one’s own self. 
The friendship that one has with the self comes from a long struggle and a tug of war between what we want to be and what we actually are. 
Harmony of the mind and soul lies in realising somewhere in life that probably what we wanted to be, we finally are . Or what we are, is the truth that we need to accept. As a person, as a human. 
The glory of human nature lies in the faults, the short comings, the weaknesses. Once they are embraced, its like falling in love all over again, strengthening the bond between what we are and what we sought out. 
We meet the real us in times of love, anger, hurt or crisis. The depth and the strengths of a human mind is i think, the most underrated mystery in this world. 
Its all actually, in the mind.