So, the Snapchat CEO allegedly called India a poor country. 

What??!  How?? India and poor??!!!! We need revenge! 

The moment the news hit the headlines, all hell broke loose on the poor guy (who also happens to be a good looking man, hence, some soft corner for him) and the key board warriors waged a war against this grave insult. 
It doesn’t stop here. His fiancée, the famous model Miranda Kerr was also trolled mercilessly by Indians and also abused for well, being his fiancée (thats Indian logic, i guess) 
Now, now. We Indians need to calm our titties. For two things. One, for not accepting the facts and two, for being the biased misogynistic arrogant cave-men mentality that we possess. 
The trolls insulting Ms Kerr almost reinstated that India is indeed, a butt-poor country as far as common sense goes. The “intelligence” of the trolls can be accessed by the fact that they dont know the difference between “husband” and “fiancé ” ( but I am sure bharatiya sabhyata is responsible for that fu), some trolls also asked her to “suck my dick” (mind you, these are not insults, these are the sentiments of the citizens of a “rich” country) and also threatened her with rape while some asked her to educate her fiancé. And oh, wait. The best part. Some people in their bid to show their love for the country, confused Snapchat with Snapdeal and trolled the wrong page! Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how the citizens of a not-poor country react. Please take note. 
A small glitch here. The snapchat CEO”allegedly ” said those things. The news made headlines because one of its employees stated that Spielgel said those things in a lawsuit he filed. 

Reason enough to abuse a man and his fiancée? Reason enough to threaten the fiancée with rape? Or reason enough to be ashamed of such conduct?
Poor or not, we sure as hell are a bunch of uncultured and uncouth people. 
Meanwhile, a short reminder to the keyboard warriors : India continues to be unsafe for women, gau rakshaks are continuing murdering innocents, poverty is hitting the roof. Wan to help? Try uninstalling these from the society. Cant? Well, then try uninstalling the crap that lies in your heads!