Sonu Nigam is in the limelight lately. Looks like its a bad time for anyone to think or breathe. Or live, if you may say so. 
What I don’t understand is, whats all this hoo-ha about? As far as I know, religion is a thing that should be kept at a personal level and shouldn’t interfere with another person’s life. 
Be it the morning azaan or the bhajans or religious processions. 
To some, it maybe bhakti, for others it may just be some unwanted noise! Why force people to listen to something? To each to its own! 
Painting any statement communal is what we Indians do best these days. When the media splashed his tweets all over, why didnt they also splash the part where he talks about temples and gurudwaras? He tweeted four tweets. Like one, two, three and four. Total four tweets. Whats the point of highlighting ONLY one? 
For all those believing in god and fighting in His name with logic this bad and biases so high, all I can say is, God bless you. 
For the rest, start by being a human first and then a hindu or a muslim or a sikh.
Think! Think people, think! Your god didnt give you a mouth to shit and an a-hole to emit wisdom. Dont confuse the two holes! And for the sake of the lord, learn to read and dont get confused between Sonu Nigam and Sonu Sood! 
Live and let live.