Just another girl 
In a pair of denims

And a comfy tee

With Shoes fit for running 

And hair pulled back 
Sailing through life 

Drifting through places 

Seeing new things

Soaking in all life’s traces 
With a smile on the face 

And arms wide open

curious eyes 

And heart up her sleeves
Just being herself 

Just travelling through life 

Just making sense of it all

Just trying to live 
Cant be stopped 

Cant be tamed 

Cant be told 

Cant be shamed
Gentle rain if loved 

Hurricane if stopped 

Storm if challenged 

And breeze if befriended 
Greeting life as it comes

Joyous as it unravels

Surprised as it turns out

And humorous to brush it off
Just another girl

In a pair of denims

Understanding life 

Trying to make sense of it all