It all starts with a dream. A tiny hope, a small window of possibility. Its like the seed that our soul needs to grow, to blossom. 

Laying down, with eyes closed, when the dream hits the eyes of the mind, when we smile, when we think a “maybe” , its time like these that are the threshold of deciding whether the dream would remain a dream or if it would convert into reality. 
Way back when I was in school, our Hindi teacher also took our moral education class (though how moral education can be seen as a class and not an integrated part of the curriculum is something that needs another blog 😉 ). So, she told us that the names that we have, tell the story of the dreams our parents had for us when we were born. 
Somehow, like a few things in life that I have never forgotten, this was one of them. It felt fascinating to me to imagine that i was a part of my parent’s dream. That my existence meant so much to them. 
Dreams give reality a beautiful canvass of hope, the one that can be painted, the one that can be filled as we want them to be. 
To make life worth living, to walk ahead with a smile and to be able to make reality a better place than imagination, it’s important to dream a dream. 
You never know when in a dream you sense the possibility of reality and are able to clutch it, making living in a dream a possibility.