I am not a sports person. The ONLY reason i knew there was a cricket match going on, was because the social media was full of memes on the famous India Pakistan rivalry. Famous both on fields and off it. 
A day prior to the match, I was speaking to my father about it. He, trying to be irritating, told me ” I can give it in writing, India would lose tomorrow”. Now, the thing is, I wasnt a bit perturbed by what he said. What my mind started working on was, how the players would face the wrath of the country folks, if they lost. I remember once when a couple of years back Dhoni’s house was stoned when his performance was not top of the game. 
During my conversation with Papa, I narrated him the incident of how a considerable and huge number of Indians came to the support of the Pakistani cricket captain when media tried to mock him for his bad English. I loved how the borders somehow blurred and people came together to support the guy whose job is not to speak fluent English but, to be a good cricketer. And that, he is. He even went on to tweet his approval for the cross border support that he received. 

After miserably loosing the match, I again saw the borders getting blurred and people from across the border snubbing and pointing out to the Indians who were criticising their own team, about how even beings Pakis they respect Virat and Dhoni. 

Social media comes with its own baggage. Glad to see some sportsmanship flowing across the borders and building mutual respect. Some morons have always been there and always would be there. Cant ignore them but seeing the number of sensible people increasing is always pleasant . 
As for cricket, its a game. May the best team win. Pakistan played damn well and deserved the victory. 
Loved the memes on Instagram, all in good humour and also respecting the other team. 
As for the rivalry, that would continue but, I remember what my father once said ” the rivalry amongst blood brothers is one of its kind”. So, Cheers to that!