I wish people would mind their own business. I wish people would learn to respect the choices made by others so that, it becomes easier for other to respect them in return. 

So, a few days ago, i had to get an injection and went to the hospital . The nurse who was about to see my ass in all its glory looked at me and asked me curiously as i pulled down my pajama if i was married. I replied a courteous yes, trying to be in my best behaviour in front of the person just about to stick a needle in my butt. After rubbing in the injected spot, she asks, where’s your bindi? I replied how does it matter? still reeling from the ass pain. She continued to pester me almost screaming in a scandalous voice saying “why?? See, even i am wearing one!”. By this time my mother came and my tender behind was more important than that idiot woman’s questions so, i just said, its a choice and walked off. 
It was during this time around when Priyanka Chopra was suddenly in news for wearing a knee length dress and sitting across out PM ( if anything, our PM is a guy who should be the most comfortable one around exposed legs because of his long association with RSS ;). The media now a days has gone down to the dogs. I dont mean any insult to dogs here but what I mean is, some news channels actually had nothing else to report and held a panel discussion consisting of a few maulvis and some extreme right winger Hindutva people and having a debate on whether or not that dress was appropriate. 
Like really? Is this shit for real? 
A lot of people asked Priyanka Chopra to apologise for her dress too. Apart from being a successful woman, I think what makes her successful is, the care to damn attitude that she holds. I fell head over heels in love with Ms Chopra’s response where she just posted a picture of her mom and herself and this time, BOTH wearing short skirts! 

The comment section on the Instagram picture was flooded with people either laughing their butts off and falling in love with her or, some people asking her mother to dress more decently because well, she is a widow and apparently has no right to dress well or look good. 
Married or not, wearing skirts or not, smoking or not, drinking or not, living in with a guy or not, how and why does all this become the concern of so many people, most of whom one doesnt even know! Whats right for me, whats good for me, whats best for me might be worse for someone else. So what? To each to its own! 
Live and let live. How difficult is that? Why is the concept of a choice so damn alien to such a lot of people!