1. The over confident kind:

” you know I am right! U know that in your heart” 
Like, seriously?! Grow up dude! Quit being a supercilious prick! 
2. The cucumber act:
“Lets agree to disagree ” 
Almost like telling the other person however long s/he barks, it wont be effective.
3. The never give up kinds
” just think about what i said, you’d know I was right” 
Like, so full of themselves! 
4. The out-of-context-assault 
” yeah that’s okay, BUT do you remember what you did on 15th March 2007?” 
WTF does that even mean?! How is that even related? 
5. The silent treatment 
” ——–” 
All you can do is, keep guessing your butt off and the more you guess, the thicker soup you land in! 
So, whatever life throws at you, just chill and dodge the fire ball!