Life often brings a person to a crossroad where one has to choose. Choose between what one has to be and what one actually is, between what one really wants and what the people around make them believe they want, between what is and what "ought to be".

I personally clearly remember a few such decisions i had to make and at those moments I knew, the decision is for me. Not for anybody else, not based on what people or someone would think, not bothered about other's perceptions. Because sometimes, you do understand that a single step can alter the course of life and that step is irreversible.

The more such decisions one makes, the more one understands self. I for once, became stronger with every difficult step i took, i came to know myself better after every time I altered the course of my life and I fell in love with the power I had.

It's necessary to own one's life. It's important to be the master of one's own decisions and its vital that a human being understands the life one gets is meant to live, not to please others.

No person can make everyone around them happy. That's simply because each person is different, unique. Ten people would mean 10 perceptions, ten ways of thinking , ten best ways with ten rights and ten wrongs. And life definitely is not worth wasting on the ten people who probably wont even be there when the sky darkens.