I am on some days so happy that i want to sing and dance my way to the office and back home and on some days i want to murder the first person i hear talking to me.

Being a female is interesting and full of surprises. I think the hormones or rather fluctuating hormones make females such volatile beings.

Life is never bland when you are a woman because the moods are dependent on the menstrual cycle or on elevated hormones and we can both bare our fangs or bat those eye lashes in the most adorable fashion exactly 24 hours from each other. Or less, depending on the date πŸ˜‰

Most people who are not close to us may think of us as crazy beings but the people who do know kind of guess that no mood or state of mind is permanent and is susceptible to instant changes and alternations. They probably also guess the reasons even if they dont fully understand their cause.

There is no explanation and we owe no one an explanation when one day we say that we hate chocolates and the next day can be seen gorging 5 bars straight of the exact chocolate we said we hated. We get cravings. AND if anyone dares to remind us during that time that we hated what we are loving right now, that person’s name automatically enters our little black book.

Oh yes, every female has that one notebook. The one where she mentally puts a big fat red cross against a name and all you mortals can do is, wish with all your heart that your name isnt there. Why? Because WOMEN NEVER FORGET.

Try and even give our shoulder a friendly pat after your name has a cross and we would burn you with our eyes or burn you in the most torturous and innovative manner in our thoughts.

Lastly, the thing that i love the most is, till the time i wake up, i dont myself know how much of a b***h i am going to be today πŸ˜‰ love surprises!