Whats in a name? Asked the legend Shakespeare. Had he not asked it, had people not known it was him asking this, the phrase wont have had that much of an impact or it might not have become that famous.

A lot of independent, free thinking women now a days are questioning the age old practices of changing the surname after a woman gets married and also the child having the surname of only the father. Both the questions are logical and 100% fair.

It seems, a lot is in fact, in a name.

A lot of people have asked me over the years if i am a feminist. This question somehow makes me hold my thoughts just a bit and what comes out is an explanatory answer.

I believe in equality. I believe in humanity. I believe both men and women are capable of having careers, earning money, having emotions, loving someone, having desires, having physical urges and most importantly, having opinions and making informed decisions.

The word feminism might mean equality and respect for both men as well as women but it sure as hell doesn't spell the same.

Would a lot of us females be supporting feminism if the term used was menism? If equality, respect for each and freedom for both men and women meant menism, would we be still so ferociously guarding the term and its ideological basis?

Probably not. Because, apparently a lot is in fact, in a name. It gives identity, meaning and makes things more relatable.

Yes, I believe men and women are both equal and equally capable. And I believe in humanism. Call me a humanist? Equilist? Maybe?