M K Gandhi was a man of contractions. And that also makes him a human and relatable.

Few days back, i wrote a blog when i came across his ideas and principles that were in contradiction to what he had expressed and said later in life.

I dug deeper and realised Gandhi was a man who was on a learning quest all his life. He never claimed to be the source of ultimate truth. His life was a learning experience. A journey.

As and when he realised something, brought his thoughts together, he spoke about them or wrote about them. And that, didnt make those words that were spoken and those writing the ultimate truth.

They simply made a statement about that particular period in his life, depicting that particular moment of clarity.

This quality, this ability to accept and change, to grow, to learn is what makes the man unique.

Happy birthday Bapu!

PS : Gandhi jayanti was also the day i drank beer for the first time in my life. Yeah yeah i know dry day and all but you see, beer in Bislery bottle tastes just the same!