Interesting thing about religious sentiments getting hurt is, these sentiments dont focus on an individual but focus on how someone else around the individual is living their life their way in a manner that offends and “hurts the religious sentiments” of the person who had no business of getting hurt in the first place.


A few years ago, for a Jain festival, it was urged that meat shops in Jaipur should be closed. Why? Because it would hurt the religious sentiments of those who dont eat meat.

Beef ban and the taboo around cow’s meat is another example. Guess it “hurts” so much that people are ready to kill others. I mean, such depth of emotions!

Selling of pork in some areas hurt the sentiments of a certain section. Simple question: are they being forced to eat pork? If not, its none of their business!

Playing high volume bhajans in temples in the name of “astha” for even those who dont want to hear them. Say something and a lot of hurt people would be willing to physically hurt you.

Loud praying 5 times a day even though now everyone has their personal clocks to know and see when its prayer time. Again, pointing that out seems to hurt people enough to hurt other people.

Water pollution after visarjans. Hurting the eco system is okay but stopping it is hurting the sentiments of so many. And that it seems, is not okay!

Road blocks for prayers. Question it and it comes down to not letting people exercise their religious freedom. Oh yeah? What about those who simply want freedom? Their rights hurt the rights of the religious, eh?

Interesting,right? How all the above points interfere with someone else’s life and lifestyle in the name of religion.

And religious beliefs, more than anything else, should be personal and not forced upon others.

The common thing here is, the tendency to assert , to establish, to challenge, to interfere with someone else’s life and routine in the name of God and respecting that God.

Why no mention of respecting the choice to live peacefully without being forced to be a part of some religious force?

Does the though hurt the “hurt”? Just asking.