Last few days have been hell as far as social media is concerned, especially for two women. One is a Pakistani actress who dared to wear short clothes and smoke it up with a colleague of hers and the second is an Indian celebrity who carried off some ravishing clothes with great oomph. Both these women were shamed on social media and some channels also had mini debates on their “reckless and callous code of conduct”.

The question to be asked here is simple. And a LOT of people are actually very keen on answering it.

Why are these women being shamed?

  • For wearing what they like?
  • For being who they are?
  • For living their own independent life?

As baffling these biases might sound, they are very much present in our society and the general mind sets of people (who are I guess poop scared of the Independence that women have)

Another trend that showed up was, targeting these women and judging them for wearing short clothes and directly making it a litmus test for motherhood!

How on earth is being a good mother related to the length the of the dress or the Independence that a woman enjoys?

It would be great if people stopped putting women in boxes and judging and speculating if they are good daughters, good wives, good daughter in laws, good mothers etc. A woman is a woman first and then all of the above. Her identity cant be limited or defined by the relationships she holds in her life. Simple!